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Sick of language-specific package managers? Us too. Manage your language-agnostic closed-source code across multiple projects with ease!

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Publish, sync, install.
Publish namespaced package paths from one repository and download it to another in seconds.
Encryption in-transit and at rest.
Safe, secure storage for your files.
Command-line tooling.
Install through npm, grab your API token and you're ready to go.

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Publish, sync, install.

No more reliance on language-specific package repositories to re-use your code. One tool to publish in whatever language, whatever framework and whatever domain you want.

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Encryption in-transit and at rest

End-to-end encryption from your code repository, to your code repository. Files are encrypted from the moment they leave your device.

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Want to install code at build-time with your packages? No worries. Pass your API Token to the command-line tool on your favourite CI runner and install code on the fly.

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Dedicated support and infrastructure for your company.


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  • Up to 10 organizations
  • 1 namespace per organization
  • 3 packages per namespace per organisation
  • 250kB maximum package size
  • 2 API tokens per organization


The essentials to provide your best work for clients.


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  • Everything in free
  • 5 namespaces per organization
  • 10 packages per namespace per organisation
  • 2MB maximum package size
  • 10 API tokens per organization


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A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business.


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  • Everything in business
  • 100 namespaces per organization
  • 200 package per namespace per organisation
  • 10Mb maximum package size
  • 50 API tokens per organization